Hot Fill Bags

Hot Fill Bags

Hot Fill Bags

Bags to use for hot fill of sauces or cooked products and cook-in -bag foods.

Thermo-sealable tube for hot fill of sauces and / or cooked products. It can also be manufactured as high vacuum cook-in bags. Its maximum operation temperature is 203 °F. 

TC250 is manufactured by the process of 5-layer coextrusion Polyamides, polyolefins and raw materials that are in compliance with USFDA and EU regulation 2002 / 72 / EC for use as packing material in the food industry. It is also Kosher Certified.

Available in two commercial presentations:
• 500 m Rolls • Pieces 

• Maximum shrinkage 2%.
• Oxygen Barrier.
• Water Vapor Barrier.
• Sealable even in presence of contamination and overlaping.
• Easy to cut off excess in machines with hot wire.

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Product Price
Hot Fill Bags 6" x 10" - TC350 (2000/CS)
SKU: TC3500608
Hot Fill Bags 9" x 21" - TC350 (1000/CS)
SKU: TC3500921
Hot Fill Bags 10" x 21" - TC350 (500/CS)
SKU: TC3501021