Heat Sealers (Hand)

Heat Sealers (Hand)

Heat Sealers (Hand)

Find the right sealer for your production needs, whether its small or large volume.

Seal poly bags (or any thermoplastic materials) quickly and efficiently. Easy to operate. Simply insert a bag between the sealing bars, press down and release.

Browse through the list below to view the selection of available sealers. 

For high volume packaging consider our full line of Continuous Rotary Band Sealers

Pal also carries a complete selection of replacement parts and wires.

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Tabletop Hand-Press Double Impulse Sealers
Impulse Hand Sealers
Easy to operate
Large Hand Sealers
For larger bags.
Semi-Auto Hand Impulse Sealer With Holding Magnet & Cutter
Sanitary Sealer (Health Care Industry)
for Health Care Industry
Semi-Auto Hand Impulse Sealer With Holding Magnet