Available materials include:

Clear Acrylic

Acrylic is transparent, moisture resistant and half the weight of glass but many times stronger. Common uses for Acrylic are sign holders, sneeze guards, surface protectors, and more. Available in a wide selection of thicknesses. Full sheets and Cut-to-Size.

1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”, 3/8”,1/2”, ¾”

UHMW White

UHMW has a very low coefficient of friction. UHMW also displays extraordinary resistance to abrasive wear by gritty materials. It is recommended for use at temperatures ranging from -250°C to 82°C. Often used for sled runners, lining to protect surfaces.

1/8”, ¼”, 3/16”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”

Sani-slab White

1/8”, ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1”

Custom Materials

All are full sheet purchases (4’ X 8’). Can be cut as required but customer must buy full sheet. Quoted upon request, quotes are only valid for 7 days, availability might vary for colors.

Polycarbonate clear

PVC board

Color Acrylic

Color cutting board

Puck board

Color UHMW


Coroplast or corrugated "plastic cardboard" sheet is waterproof and lightweight. Ideal for projects around the home, office and jobsite. A very versatile sheet that is widely used in applications ranging from hobby, craft, and school projects to construction applications such as surface protection and templates to signage and printing projects.

  • Water-resistant construction is less likely to break down like traditional cardboard and is resistant to rotting, rusting and warping
  • Reusable for multiple applications, including temporary floor and wall covering protection, countertop protection, cleanouts and more
  • Lightweight, easy to use by both experienced and novice DIYer's and contractors alike
  • Can be cut to size using a utility knife

Available colors for coroplast (picture)

Purple made to order

Other colors 2-3 days lead time

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