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Slatwall Slatwall Slatwall Slatwall Slatwall
Create a Cost Effective and Attractive Display Area

Create a functional display that sells product with an attractive merchandising wall systems. Slatwall (also known as slotted panels and Marlite's Displawall) make a versatile display system that can be change with the addition or movement of accessories.

Accessories simply hook into grooves. No additional hardware or tools are required.

Limitless uses. Great in a retail environment for displaying apparel, shoes, handbags, giftware, sporting goods, computer outlets, and more. Use in the office to organize pamphlets or document. Fantastic organizational tool for warehouses, garages and basements.

Slatwall Panels

Marlite's Slatwall is available is a variety of colours,
grooves options and configurations.

PDF Icon View Marlite Slatwall Brochure | 870KB PDF

Your choice of horizontal (4' x 8') or vertical format (8' x 4') with 3" on-center grooves.


Slatwall Inserts

Marlite Slatwall can be customized with optional groove treatments. Metal inserts, vinyl trim strips, vinyl color snaps or painted grooves. From light duty to medium duty applications, Marlite has the product you need. Available in your choice of Painted High Pressure Laminate Finishes, Marlite Finish, Wood Veneer, Low Pressure Melamine and custom finishes. The look you want, the durability you need.

  • Trim Strips
  • Color Snap
  • Marlite 1000 Series Slatwall - Aluminum insert accepts shelving without brackets
  • Marlite 2000 Series Slatwall - Light duty, use with brackets. Colour trim available
  • Marlite 5000 Series Slatwall - Light duty, factory installed inserts.
  • Marlite 7000 Series Slatwall - Medium duty, factory installed inserts.

Please check the brochure for full insert details

PDF Icon View Marlite Slatwall Brochure | 870KB PDF


Slatwall Accessories


Wire Hooks


Waterfall with Balls



Acrylic Slatwall Accessories

Visit Pal Plastics, a Pal Group company, for acrylic sign holders and other slatwall accessories.

We can also custom make acrylic accessories to fit your unique requirements. Including bins, sign holders, shelves, and much more.


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