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Gondola (Retail Shelving)

Retail shelving available in New and Used.

Manufactured with heavy duty steel components. The standard backing for these units is a sturdy pegboard, but is also available with solid or slatwall backings (availability may vary).

Gondola shelving is used in retail situations that require the simultaneous display and storage of many items on the same shelf .Examples of stores that use these units are: convenience stores, supermarkets, dollar stores, auto, pet, health and beauty aides, liquor, sports, computer, and many more.

Plan your store using double sided aisle units, single sided wall units, and end cap units.

Gondola Aisle Units Wall Units End Units

A gondola unit is a display unit having two sides, it is designed for merchandising the center portion of your store. They are free standing units.

A wall unit is a display having one side. These units are wall mounted.

An end unit is a display having one side to merchandise. These units are normally featured at the end of a Gondola run.

Gondola Features

Gondola Features

  1. Posts have 1" incremental slotting and are available in one-piece lengths up to 120". Longer lengths are available using optional extenders.

  2. To ensure an even and level fixture, heavy-duty levelers are built-in to each post.

  3. An end trim package is supplied for ends of each fixture run. Base decks are available in depths of 13" through 25".

  4. Our floating kick plate rests flush with the floor, regardless of leveling adjustments. Each kick plate is designed with an electrical outlet knockout as a standard feature. Low base and open base fronts are available.

  5. There are two styles available for our shelves. Our standard shelf is designed as a tip-in shelf ranging in sizes from 10" through 22". Our heavy-duty shelf is designed as a drop-in shelf ranging in sizes from 17" through 25". Our standard duty shelf capacity is 500 lbs. evenly loaded and our heavy-duty shelf capacity is 700 lbs. evenly loaded. 11/4" aluminum moulding is available as an optional extra.

  6. Our standard shelf is designed with captured brackets that setup to lay flat or slope 17 degrees down. Each shelf is perforated to allow for the use of wire binning.

  7. We offer quality, medium density solid or perforated backs with a baked on acrylic paint finish. Slatwall backs are available.

  8. End displays available as free standing with a base deck or attached to gondola without a deck.

  9. Special brackets suspend endless wire baskets or wire shelves.

  10. Special merchandising accessories available for many product groups.



Almond, Gray, White and Black are standard colours. Availability may depend on quantities required. Other colours may be available on special order.

For used gondola colours will vary. Most common is almond.


Shelves & Peg Hooks

Pal can also supply you with all your shelves and pegboard hooks.

Shelves are available in a variety of size.

Example on the left shows base plus 3 shelves.


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