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Public Guidance Systems

Innovation, Safety Features and Smart Design Solutions.

Lavi Industries' Beltrac public guidance system gives you more styles, standard features and options, colors, and textures and finishes choose from. The Beltrac public guidance system is designed and engineered to protect your public with a broad range of innovative and effective safety features. Every element of the Beltrac public guidance system is the result of an ongoing, comprehensive R&D program.

A variety of distinctive post designs to meet your performance, budget and design requirements.

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Pulic Guidance

Ensure your patrons have a positive experience while visiting your facilities. Public Guidance Systems (also refered to Crowd Control Systems) help to secure the safety of your patrons by ensuring durability, reliability, and steadfastness.

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BeltracPost Design
The post is constructed of one continuous piece, attached to a weighted steel base. The retractable belt mechanism is completely concealed within the post. No additional attachment for belt mechanism is required. The retractable belt mechanism may be easily field replaced by the user.

4-Way Connection
The posts are equipped with a standard 4-way post connection, allowing each post to deliver one (1) belt while simultaneously receiving three (3) belts. The connections are imbedded into the post to eliminate breakage.

Post to Base Assembly
Each Beltrac utilizes an innovative connection for assembly of post to base. This rigid, heavy-duty connector enables the user to assemble or disassemble a post or a whole queuing line with a simple turn of a key.

Slow Retracting Belt Feature
The Beltrac mechanism is equipped with a unique, centrifugal belt-braking system, allowing the belt to retract slowly and safely if accidentally released.

Base Cover (2 options)
Metal cover plate to match post finish. Durable, scratch resistant plastic cover plate.

Rubberized Base Bottom
Each post includes a standard, factory applied, rubberized base to protect flooring from damage.

Beltloc - Automatic Belt Locking Option
A single metal lock is engineered to create an automatic belt locking system that prevents accidental release of belts. In addition, this option is uniquely designed to lock signs and accessories to posts.

Wall Mounted

Retractable Belt Closures are available with 7', 12' and 18' belts. The units are attached to the wall with efficient, small dimension back plates. These units are ideal for cash register closures, hotel corridor barriers and warehouse safety aisle closures. The units include installation hardware and are available in variety of finishes and belt colors.

The belts are connected to a Wall Recepticle. Custom messages are available for the belts.



Lavi Industries' sign frames are strong and durable yet stylishly designed. Sign Frames can accommodate an array of media options ranging from changeable letters to standard inserts. Choose from a wide variety of sign frame sizes and options. Radius corners are standard for signs used on Traditional and Beltrac posts stanchions to ensure your customers' safety.

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