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Custom Made

One of a kind plastic projects are our specialty.

Visit our galleries to see some of our past projects.
Acrylic or Vinyl & Binders

Pal Plastics is a custom plastic fabrication company. We work with small and large companies alike to design, develop and produce custom plastic products from start to finish. Pal produces plexiglass point of purchase displays, retail display products and brochure/ information centers, bulk bins, windshields, machine guards and much more.

Pal Plastics is able to manufacture one of a kind products, as well as small runs and mass production runs of custom products.

Fill out our Quote Request Form or send your ideas to

We also do cut-to-size for plastic sheets to meet consumer needs. (Local customers only.)

Required Information

The uniqueness of every project makes it impossible to provide a quote without detailed information. This is what we need:

   A clear drawing detailing the dimensions of the project.

            Computer generated or hand drawn.
            Show special features in several views.

   The material that is to be used.

             Material type (acrylic, lexan, petg, etc...) and thickness.
             Clear or coloured. If you are not sure of the material, we can suggest some
             options based on your application and dimensions.

   The application for the finished product.

             This will help ensure that material specifications are not exceeded.

   Quantity to be manufactured.

             The initial set up and planning for one item is the same as the
             set up for 100 units. Therefore larger quantities often result in
             a lower price per unit.


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