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Label Categories


Pal Digital Labels can product almost any kind of custom label.
Below is just a sampling of the categories. .

Food Labels

Your label is an important part of marketing your product. Help you item stand out on the shelf.

With low minimums and no plate fees digital labels are great for smaller manufactures or those just starting.

Wine Labels

Professional full colour labels for small quantities. Wine labels for small wineries and special events.

Great for business anniversaries or christmas gifts.

Bath & Body

Smoothing and Spa like or vibrant and refreshing. Labels to suit your product.

Printed on materials that wil withstand moisture and oils, so your labels look great throught the life of your product.


Promotional Products

Put your company logo on your latest corpoarte give-aways. Where its to celebrate a new location, milestone anniversary or to thank loyal customers; add a personal touch with a custom label.

Private Labeling

Private labeling is a great way to reinforce your corporate brand and keep your company name in front of your customers.

Many restuarants, spas, beauty salons, and service areas offer products with their branding on them.


Shipping Labels

Display your company name on every package you send.

Bar Codes

From UPC labels for your products to inventory labels for your warehouse, Pal can help with your bar code needs.   


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