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Polyfoam Applications

Carton Liner Protective Layers Anti-Static for Computer Components
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Polyfoam offers superior surface abrasion protection and great cushioning at an affordable price. It is ideal for use as wrap, inter leafing, void fill or as a carton liner, plus a whole range of other applications.

Use polyfoam the same way you would use bubble wrap. The major difference between bubble and polyfoam, other than the obvious material differences, is that foam wrap is more resilient. This means that foam will provide cushioning protection after repeated impacts. Bubbles can pop during impact resulting in lose of protection. Polyfoam can also support far heavier loads than bubble packaging without failing.

Polyfoam Uses:

  • Building Trade
  • Furniture
  • Fragile Household Goods
  • Computer Components
  • Electronics
  • Sporting Goods
  • Nurseries / Greenhouses
  • Frozen Foods
  • Fashion
  • And More
Polyfoam Protective Wrap Protection from elements Protection during transport and storage Protect small fragile item with Envelopes

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