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Tape for Any Application

Our line of packaging and masking tapes is complemented by an assortment of specialty tapes. Pal Distributors' extensive inventory of tape products enable's our customers to obtain all their tape products from a single source.

Packaging Tape

A full range of packaging tapes, chosen to cover a wide variety of packaging demands. As distributor of pressure-sensitive tapes, Pal stocks products of the highest quality standards. From volume carton sealing tapes to customized spool-wound rolls of high-performance tear tapes, you can rely on the superior performance of Tesa packaging tapes.


Masking Tape

The extensive line of masking tapes. Various formulations for use in a wide range of industries. Whether your application needs are for temperature resistant, fine line, or general purpose and painters grade Masking Tapes, Pal has the tape for you.


Fastening Tape

A wide range of high-performance fastening tapes. Offering unique, reliable and cost-effective solutions for a variety of market-specific applications. Tesa acrylic-based, double-coated tapes are well known for their UV, age and temperature resistance, and feature durable carriers for higher shear resistance. Performance characteristics are based on a balanced combination of bonding strength, material thickness, time requirements and environmental conditions. In addition, easy application when compared to mechanical fastening devices and virtual invisibility make tesa double-coated tapes the ideal solution for countless fastening applications.


Duct Tape & Other Specialty Tapes

Duct Tapes: A broad range of polyethylene/cloth tape products for a full spectrum of applications.

Specialty Tapes: A unique assortment of products including transparent cellophane tapes, paper bandoliering tapes and an innovative product called Printer's Friend (the original roller-wrap tape, providing wrinkle-free transport of substrates through a web system).


Printed Tape

Advertise your Company Name, Logo, Phone Number, or any other message on every package.

Minimum quantities will apply. Call 1-800-565-3995 for details.

Benefits of Printed Tape

  • Printed Tape prevents possible theft or loss
  • Printed Tape is tamper evident and pilfer proof
  • Printed Tape makes your product stand out
  • Printed Tape is a great form of advertising
  • Printed Tape looks professional
  • Printed Tape promotes brand equity
  • Printed Tape is an inexpensive and creative way to get your message to the public



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