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Squid Ink Jet Print Systems & Ink

Squid Ink
Discover Your Single Best Source for Ink Jet Systems & Inks

Squid Ink specializes in the manufacture of superior quality inks and ink jet printing equipment for the packaging industry. Squid Ink printers are used to print large character batch numbers, date codes, lot numbers and other product information on corrugated cases, plastics, metals, wood and other substrates.

The inks are used in hi-res ink jet, large character DOD (drop-on-demand), small character CIJ (continuous ink jet) and contact coder printing systems.

We hope that Squid Ink and Pal Distributors can be a part of your marking and coding solution.

youtubeVideos of Squid Ink products in action are available on YouTube.

What is Ink Jet Printing?

Loosely defined, ink jet printing is simply spraying liquid ink at a receiving surface. The surface can be virtually anything – corrugated cases or cartons, aluminum beverage or soup cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, bags, linoleum tiles, wires and cables. . . the possibilities are endless. Ink jet printing is reliable, inexpensive and easy to use. It offers consistent print quality at rapid print speeds.

Printing Systems

Printing Systems Squid Ink manufactures a full line of ink jet printing systems for printing large character marks on a variety of substrates, including porous surfaces like corrugated cartons, paper or wood, or non-porous surfaces like plastics, stretch wraps, metals, glass and more.

  • SQ/2 Ink Jet Printing System
  • SQ/2 Scorpion Ink Jet Printing System
  • Vector XII Ink Jet Printing System
  • AutoPilot High Resolution Printing System
  • PZ Pilot High Resolution Printing System
  • PZ Pilot Plus High Resolution Printing System
  • PZ/4 Series III High Resolution Printing System
  • PZ Pilot Pro High Resolution Printing System
  • VDP In-line Variable Data Printer
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Ink Jet Fluids

Ink Jet Fluids Squid Ink specializes in the manufacture of superior quality inks and ink jet fluids, designed for a wide variety of ink jet printing systems and contact coders. Squid Ink fluids are used in industrial ink jet printers manufactured by Videojet® and Marsh® (Marconi®), Domino®, Diagraph®, Imaje®, Loveshaw®, Matthews®, Squid Ink and other printing system manufacturers.

  • Drop-On-Demand (DOD) Inks and Cleaners
  • Hi-Res Inks and Cleaners
  • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Make-Up Fluids
  • Roller Coder Inks and Cleaners
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