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PL- 1200 HP
Premium Results, at Affordable Prices

Innovative design and engineering practices where employed to achieve superior and consistent results, at affordable prices. The Revolution Series patented heated roller system is the heart of the lamination process. Rollers are covered with the finest silicone rubber available, formulated specifically for this application. Absolute accuracy and consistency of the finished roller is ensured by the use of computerized equipment in the final grinding and polishing of the roller. Machine design is simple to ease operation and maintenance, without sacrificing reliability and quality.

Another benefit of the Revolution Series is its ultra-fast warm up times -- from room temperature to 250o F in less than five minutes. This allows the machine to be turned on when needed and off when not in use. A huge saving on unnecessary utility costs.

PL-1200HP "Pocket Rocket"

PL- 1200 HPThis 12" wide machine is one of the fastest 110v 12" laminators available.

Speed and performance
This 12" wide machine is one of the fastest 110v 12" laminators available. It is capable of speeds in the 25 feet per minute range while maintaining a superb finish and edge seal. When laminating a 3 mil material the PL-1200HP can work at speeds over 15 feet per minute.

Film and Material Specifications
The PL-1200HP can use films from 1.2 to 10 mils thick. This machine will laminate material such as foam board, up to 1/4" thick. The maximum laminating width is 12". Keep in mind that the majority of printing, copying and duplicating machinery does not process output that exceeds 12" in one dimension.

Many applications
The PL-1200HP is a commercial grade laminator that can laminate a variety of materials. In addition to this, it can be used as a single side laminator, utilizing nylon-based film for book covers. Ideal for the short run publishing industry. It is also suitable for a short run fill in machine for trade laminators. If customer needs 1-100 pages laminated set up can take more time than the run and tie up valuable high volume equipment, use the "pocket rocket" instead.

Quick warm up
Turn the machine on when you need it. The laminator is warmed up and ready to use in only 3 minutes.

Laminating Width 12
Speed (1.2 / 1.5 mil) 20+
Polypropylene Capable Yes
Maximum Film Thickness 10 mil
Maximum Material Thickness .275"
Cooling Fans 2
Warm-up Time 3 min.
Maximum Roll, 1.5 mil. 1000 ft.
Gapable Rolls Yes
Temperature controlled solid state with digital read out Yes
Heated Roll Wattage (2) 1700 W
Total Electrical Requirements 1900W / 16A / 120V
Dimensions 23W / 16H / 20D
Weight-machine / Shipping 55 / 82
Welded Steel Stand 3"  
Mandrels Tubular  
Slitters Yes



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