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Teklynx Label Matrix Software

Label Design and Bar Code Software

Whether you need to design and print barcode, compliance or RFID labels, LABEL MATRIX® 8's helpful design wizards give you an easy-to-use solution for any industry.

LABEL MATRIX 8 is the most powerful, easy-to-use RFID and label design software package in the industry. Its helpful design and database connection wizards, along with a simple interface, allow users to quickly design bar code, compliance or RFID labels. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, wizard driven software solution for UHF and HF RFID encoding and label design, the choice is simple - TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 8.

With support for over 1000 thermal and thermal transfer printer drivers, as well as any Windows printer, you can maximize your printer's performance and print large runs of labels in a very short time. Whether you need to design and print address labels for your small business or thousands of inventory labels for a multi-site warehousing plant or RF tags to bring your barcode labeling operation into the next generation, LABEL MATRIX can do the job.

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Label Matrix Editions

Label Matrix QuickDraw - Entry level software package. Basic label design.

Label Matrix - Database capability and other enhanced features.

Label Matrix PowerPro - Advance label features, including RFID, log files and more.

  • LABEL MATRIX allows you to program RFID tags and labels- including the ability to write-protect your label and set the starting block, and supports many of the most common radio frequency transponders
  • LABEL MATRIX identifies and highlights potential problems on your label design with its error and warning tools.
  • Use Power Wrap to add special formatting to your label, including: bulleted lists, numbered lists, hanging indents, word wrap settings for wrapping text around graphics, and more!
  • Combine data from many different sources and set up advanced math, string, and logical functions using LABEL MATRIX’ combination data origin.
  • LABEL MATRIX features 7 helpful wizards that make complex label design quick and easy.
  • Rich Text Format editing allows users to create, edit, and save RTF files within Label Matrix, as well as make use of existing Microsoft Word documents
  • Direct TCP/IP linking ability to remotely attach network printers through TCP/IP Windows sockets by simply entering the IP address of the printer
  • Unlimited, networked file sharing and coordination, allowing label design files to be shared over a network with an unlimited number of people
  • WYSIWYG design and editing
  • Over 25 bar codes including five 2D symbologies
  • Support for 32-bit OLE DB (and ODBC) database connectivity
  • Data Grid for viewing database records "live" on the design screen
  • Includes over 100 compliance label samples from over two dozen major retail hubs (samples stored in the program's "Comply" folder)
  • Custom input filters for keyboard inputs
  • Character, numeric, date, time and combination fields
  • Advanced math, string, and logical functions
  • Variable duplicate count
  • Password security
  • Write Data for exporting image & variable information to a data file
  • AutoPrint capability allows automation of print jobs
  • Seamless support for over 650 of the industry's best label printers including models from Datamax, Eltron, Monarch, Meto, Sato, Zebra, and more
  • Available in single- and 5-user packages, with additional 5-, and 10-user add-on licenses also available
Pocket Label Matrix

Pocket LABEL MATRIX® is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use Pocket PC-based solution for printing bar code labels. It allows you to take labels created in LABEL MATRIX label design and printing software, download them to your Pocket PC, and print them using a direct or wireless connection.

Powerful - Includes advanced printing features for variable data like database fields, formulas, keyboard input fields and more.

Flexible - Choose from a variety of printing options (Wired, WiFi, and Batch printing), and print to any of over 650 supported thermal and thermal transfer printers.

Easy to Use - Fully integrated with LABEL MATRIX label design software—design once for either platform. Pocket LABEL MATRIX's Graphical User Interface offers intuitive navigation.

System Requirements

Version 8.10 Requirements

  • Processor
    • Minimum: 600 MHz Pentium III-compatible or faster
    • Recommended: 800 MHz or faster (minimum required for Windows Vista)
  • Operating System
    • Windows 2000 Professional with SP4
    • Windows 2000 Server with SP4 or later
    • Windows XP with SP2 or later
    • Windows Server 2003 Standard, Enterprise or Datacenter edition with SP1 or later
    • Windows Vista
  • Memory
    • 64 MB RAM with Windows 2000 (128 MB recommended)
    • 128 MB RAM with Windows XP (256 MB recommended)
    • 256 MB RAM with Windows Server 2003 (512 MB recommended)
    • 512 MB RAM with Windows Vista (1 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space
    • Hard drive with at least 150 MB of available space
  • Display
    • Minimum: 800 x 600 High Color - 16 bit
    • Recommended: 1024 x 768 True Color - 32 bit
  • Supporting Software
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0
  • Additional Requirements
    • Parallel port if using a parallel key (hardware key)
    • USB port if using a USB key (hardware key)
    • Serial port if required by printer
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Mouse

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