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Keystroke Point of Sale Software

A comprehensive Point of Sale, Inventory Control, and Retail Management Solution

Keystroke Point Of Sale software by Specialized Business Solutions, is a comprehensive sales management and inventory control system for retail, wholesale, and service businesses. Keystroke POS software is the perfect solution to improve the efficiency and profitability of nearly any business - ranging from small "mom & pop" stores, to franchise chain stores, to large stores with over 30 registers.

  • Keystroke POS excels in streamlined transaction entry and the ability to quickly locate information through robust reporting and lookup functions.
  • Transaction history and real-time database records are stored indefinitely, so your valuable data is always on file.
  • The Windows version of Keystroke POS includes customizable Toolbars for convenient access to frequently used functions and macros for repetitive tasks.
  • Access to the system and your valuable data is protected by a multi-level security system with encrypted passwords and a hidden audit trail capable of recording each and every keystroke.

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Version 6 New Features

Upgrading to the latest version of Keystroke POS is free for all registered users with a current Software Maintenance Service Plan. Call Barcode Technologies 1-800-565-3995 for information on maintenance service plans.

  • New Look and Feel

    • New logo and entry screens with improved security.
    • Enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) with automatic font sizing for improved readability on small monitors and at high resolutions.
    • Optional legacy display mode for power users and maximum transaction entry speed.
  • More Flexibility and Control

    • New Photo Viewer control features, plus now attach photos to individual Matrix items and Customer Contacts.
    • Customizable Item Detail display in Sales, Purchasing, & Variance modules.
    • Improved INI file settings for maximum control and configurability.
  • Other Valuable New Features

    • New Gift Card Triggers give you total control of how gift cards are sold, redeemed, and reported.
    • Unique Quote features are now fully integrated into the Sales Manager module.
    • New Dataport access via Scripted items provides tighter real-time integration to 3rd-party software.
    • Variance Reports are now editable using the updated report engine.
    • New Product ID codes allow activation of software without a License disk.
  • Important Data Security Update

    • Updated to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards and the Visa USA Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP).
    • Help prevent fraud and reduce liability risks. Storage of payment card data is limited to account numbers and expiration dates, and is protected by encryption and display masking. (Keystroke POS does not retain full magnetic stripe data or CVV2 data from credit card transactions.)
    • Improved data encryption routines and new security controls to help keep all valuable business data safe, including sensitive credit card data.
    • Learn more about the PCI and CISP protocols for fraud prevention and risk management at
  • Improved Payment Processing Integration

    • Improvements to MercuryPay, Keystroke’s fully integrated credit card, check, and gift card processing software.
    • Lightning fast payment authorizations via internet or new Dial-Up option (non-IP). Use Dial-Up as a primary connection or as a reliable automatic backup mode.
    • Process credit cards directly in Accounts Receivable.

This listing represents only the most significant features added since v5.20. If you are currently running Keystroke v5.1 or earlier, the Version 6.0 Update will also provide many other valuable enhancements released in previous versions.

Keystroke Features & Highlights

Point of Sale

  • Invoices, receipts, layaways, sales orders, back orders, quotes
  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation
  • Real-time inventory quantities
  • On-the-fly access to inventory, customer, vendor and clerk databases
  • Fast item entry via barcode scanning or manual entry, plus search lookup

Employee/Clerk Management

  • Clerk and Salesperson recorded on every transaction, with complete audit trail
  • Easy to use built-in time clock
  • Sales commission reporting
  • Clerk Messaging for internal communication

Customer Tracking

  • Access complete transaction history virtually forever with no data purging required
  • Comprehensive Pricing and Sales Tax schedules
  • Print labels and import/export for direct marketing

Accounts Receivable

  • ROA payment entry with easy access to payment history and invoice details
  • Flexible billing statement formats with optional line item details
  • Balance forward or open item mode
  • Finance charges and modifiable aging periods

Inventory Control

  • Real-time integration with sales, purchasing and physical variance function
  • Instant lookup via five indexed fields plus alternate codes
  • Six price levels plus variable pricing per customer, minimum purchase quantity, promo-dates, etc.
  • Grouping by Department and Category
  • Designations for Service items, Food Stamp eligible items, Price Tag printing and more
  • Serial number tracking
  • Case breakdowns
  • Four dimension size/color/style matrix

Purchase Orders/Inventory Receiving

  • Automatically generate suggested Purchase Orders
  • Stores up to four vendors per item for cost comparison and vendor-specific item codes
  • Automatic receiving and price updates
  • Print custom barcode price tags on laser and thermal printers


  • Dozens of comprehensive detailed report options
  • Real-time data with unlimited transaction history
  • Date/Time ranges, Filters, and multiple levels of detail
  • Print to screen, printer or export file
Keystroke System Basics

The Keystroke systems include the following modules.

Sales Manager

The Sales Manager is the "Point Of Sale" module and the core of the Keystroke POS system. This module is used to enter and manage all sales transactions including Sales Invoices, Sales Orders, Returns, Special Orders, Layaways, and Quotes. Sales are entered into Keystroke using a combination of simple on-screen forms and traditional cash register functions. By utilizing some of the many sales entry options, including bar codes and customized keys, an entire sale can be completed and a sales receipt or invoice printed in as few as three keystrokes.

Database Manager

The Database Manager module is used to set up and maintain information in each of the six databases: Inventory, Customers, Vendors, Clerks, Departments, and Categories. Although the unique design of the Keystroke program makes it possible for you to add and edit database records from almost anywhere in the program, this module is used to do most database maintenance. Special functions are included for handling large-scale changes and other types of maintenance such as adding multiple items and making global price changes.

Purchase Manager

The Purchase Manager module is used to enter purchase orders and receive inventory into stock. Special automated functions are available to generate suggested purchase orders and to receive items ordered. Suggested Orders are based on a comparison of pre-set, user-definable Minimum Quantities and current Quantities On-Hand. When items are received, the system instantly updates inventory quantities, cost figures, and prices according to configuration options.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module is used to manage the credit accounts of Customers who are allowed to buy on terms (instead of initially paying by cash, check, or credit card). Managing credit accounts includes tasks such as generating finance charges per Billing Period (typically monthly), entering payments received on account (ROA Payments), monitoring the status of credit accounts and printing Billing Statements.

Report Manager

The Report Manager module is used to generate reports pertaining to all aspects of the business. The information produced on these reports can provide valuable insight into day-to-day business transactions and can also assist in the making of informed decisions.

Label Manager

The Label Manager module is used to print price tags, mailing labels, and shipping labels. Most barcode formats can be printed on price tags, which may be printed for individual inventory items, all items on a specified purchase order, only items with price changes (including items on sale), or all items currently in stock. Mailing and shipping labels may be printed for all or individual customers and vendors.

Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager module contains most of the setup information about how the Keystroke system will work. This includes telling the system what printers and other peripheral hardware devices are being used, and defining optional parameter settings that control how the program will function. Also included in the Configuration Manager are certain data file management functions that may be used to organize and safeguard your data files.

Optional Hardware

Keystroke supports nearly all PC-based POS hardware peripherals available on the market. Possible exceptions for use with Keystroke are proprietary devices which do not conform to standard parallel/serial interfaces and some dedicated barcode printers which require a custom language for communication. Peripheral hardware devices including:

  • Barcode Scanners
  • Magnetic Card Readers
  • Check Readers
  • Electronic Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Invoice Printers
  • Custom Barcode Printers
  • Customer Pole Displays
  • Electronic Scales
  • Deli Scales
  • Change Dispensers
  • Programmable Keyboards
  • Portable Data Collectors
  • and more

Our recommendation is to work closely with us and don’t try to piecemeal a system together based solely on the lowest price. Any money saved on buying a printer or cash drawer at the local discount store may eventually be spent many times over getting it to work properly.

System Requirements

Keystroke POS for Windows is a true 32 bit Widows application requiring an IBM compatible PC running Windows 98SE/ME or NT/2000/XP/2003Server. The computer must have a CD-ROM drive, a 3½" disk drive, and a hard disk (with about 116 MB free for program files, an additional 70MB for optional on-line documentation, plus room for data).

The Keystroke POS Network system requires a Net-bios compatible network operating system (i.e., local area network or "LAN") in order to have more than one POS register and/or back office workstation. A local Keystroke Dealer can explain more about network operating systems, which require separate software, hardware and cabling.


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