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Birch BS970

Build In Universal Decoder. Adapting new interface development, the BS-970 is built in a universal decoder that can be used with K/B, Serial, Wand Emulation and USB interface cable. User can purchases different interface cable and makes the modification easily.

Long Reading Distance. In order to read both far and near barcode, Birch enhances the decoder technology to make BS-970 with a reading depth of 10 mm to 200mm. Especially, the reading starts from only 10 mm long is a major break- through in barcode laser technology.

Data Formatting Function.In the industrial and commercial applications, Data Formatting is very important. The BS-970 equips with a very powerful data formatting function. User can modify the leading, middle or ending characters output format.


Birch BS-108e

3-in-1 interface. Different interface can be used by just changing cable.

Notebooks Plug 'n Play design: Most of the CCD reader when connected to a Notebook PC, an additional keyboard terminator is needed. Which not only increase the cost but also bring inconvenience to the user. The CD-108e plug and play design can be use directly with to a notebook without any additional device. There is an optional model for IBM Thinkpad Notebook.

Low power consumption model: CD-108e also improves the power consumption of the unit. Besides, PC application, it can be used with Notebooks and PDAs for mobile application. With build in decoder, the normal operational current is 60mA.


Birch LBP-205


  • Rugged construction and durable cable set
  • Compact size
  • Advanced optical and electrical design
  • User replaceable sapphire tip
  • Audible and visible indications
  • Leading price/performance interfacing
Cordless Bluetooth Scanners

Birch BT-3800 Laser and
Birch BT-4500 CCD

Don't let cords limit you. Makes scanning heavy and bulky items easy.

  • Working rang up to 50m (possibly 70m in open environment)
  • Bluetooth class 1
  • Small foot-print receiver fits well on any computer
  • Over 40,000 scans per recharge
  • Memory storage incase of lost connection (15,000 scans)

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