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Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printers

Label and Bar Code Printers

These Barcode Technologies offers many different printer makes and models to meet the needs of any user. From industrial-duty to desk units. Please call us toll free at 1-800-565-3995 to discuss your requirements.

A Thermal Transfer Printer is a printer which prints by melting a coating of ribbon on to the media (label or tag). With Direct Thermal printing no ribbon is used in the process, imprint is achieved by applying heat to heat sensitive media. Many thermal printers are used for bar code label applications, as a result, thermal transfer printers are often referred to as "bar code printers".

Things to consider when Choosing a thermal printer:

  • Print Volume - Will you print 10 labels per day or 10,000? It makes a difference as to the kind of printer you need.
  • Label Size - The standard printhead width is 4". Printers that print labels over 4" wide tend to be more expensive.
  • Environmental Conditions - Printer cases are constructed out of plastic, metal, or a combination. A metal case may prevent damage in an industrial environment.
  • Resolution - For most applications 203 dpi is sufficient, but if you are printing detailed graphics, tiny bar codes or 2-D bar codes you may require a higher resolution.

For more information see the Printer section of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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