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Magnetic Card Readers

Speed Up your Point of Sale Transactions

Not only do the keyboards reduce transaction time, but makes training new employess easier. This means faster transactions and happier customers.

Programmable Keyboards

ID Tech MiniMag

The MiniMag is a compact sized, intelligent, programmable reader designed for applications where a small and reliable reader is needed

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ID Tech EasyMag

The EasyMag intelligent, programmable swipe reader has a unique housing design and is about 45% longer than the MiniMag.

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ID Tech Omni

Heavy-duty Omni swipe reader reads barcode and/or magnetic stripe media. Its die-cast metal base and one-piece heavy plastic housing make it ideal for rugged environments.

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ID Tech EzWriter

EzWriter writes (encodes data), reads the data, and verifies the encoding on up to three MagStripe tracks in a single swipe. EzWriter operates with High-coercivity and Low-coercivity cards.

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