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Custom Printed Labels

From one colour bar codes to full colour labels.

In order to quote your custom printed labels we will need to know the information that appears on your label, the label size and the quantity you will require.

Label designs can include graphics, logos, colour, alphanumeric serialization, time/date stamping and bar codes.

Also let us know about any special material requirements and critical conditions that the label must withstand.

  • Canada Customs - PARS & RMD/A8A
  • US Customs - PAPS
  • Ship To
  • Distributed By
  • Inventory Control Labels
  • UPC
  • Price Labels
  • Paper Tags
  • Handling Instructions
  • Ingredients Lists
  • Nutritional information
  • Asset Labels
  • Consecutive or Sequentially Numbered
  • Library labels
  • And much more

You can also request a quote by fax 204-697-2881, phone 1-800-565-3995 or e-mail.

Label stocks include: matte, gloss, fluorescent, foil , vinyl, kimdura, polyester, valoron and much more.

Standard permanent and removable adhesives are available as well as freezer and specialty adhesives for more difficult applications.


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