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Direct Thermal Labels

Label Rolls

We offer quality Direct Thermal labels on rolls. These labels are intended for direct thermal printers, including: Zebra, Citizen, Intermec, Eltron, Fargo, Sato, NEC, TEC, Datamax, and many others brands.

Direct thermal technology does not require a ribbon. Instead, a chemically coated heat-sensitive material produces images as heat is applied to the surface. Ideal for indoor applications where temperatures will not exceed high level and label longevity is not required, also for applications where ribbon may be considered a contaminant..

We stock a small variety of the most common labels sizes. Because direct thermal labels have an average shelflife of 3-6 months most direct labels orders require 2-3 weeks for production. Minimum order quantities may apply.

Please call 1-800-565-3995 for details.


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